WordPress Flipbook Plugins

The Best Flipbook WordPress Plugins

If you’re looking for a fresh new way to share content on your blog, you’ll love these flipbook WordPress plugins. They all make it so easy to create responsive, interactive content. Instead of posting download links to cumbersome PDF files, or posting blog post after blog post, you can share polished, highly visual content. Interactive… Read more »

Make a Flipbook that can be read on any mobile device

How To Make A Flipbook For Any Device

With over half of internet users primarily using their mobile devices to access content on the web, you need to make sure your interactive flipbooks are responsive. The easiest way to do this is to make a flipbook for any device using online publishing platforms such as Issuu, FlipSnack, and others. Creating Highly Accessible Content… Read more »

How To Create A WordPress Flipbook

How To Create A WordPress Flipbook

WordPress is a very popular content management system that allows you to customize your website or blog to your heart’s content. In fact, this very blog is created and managed with WordPress. With tons of themes, plugins and handy features, you probably enjoy using WordPress to build your blog as I do. But sometimes, even the… Read more »

7 FlipSnack Alternatives

7 FlipSnack Alternatives For Publishing Interactive Content Online

FlipSnack is useful for creating flipbooks out of PDFs and from scratch using their online editor. However, free accounts can only create 3 publications, and each may only have 15 pages. To get unlimited publishing, you will need to choose a premium plan. So, if you’re on a strict budget, you might decide that FlipSnack… Read more »

FlipSnack vs Issuu

FlipSnack vs Issuu: Features, Value and App Comparison

When you’re ready to turn your PDF (or your ideas) into a snazzy online magazine, you have two great options: FlipSnack vs Issuu. While there are other flipbook makers on the web, these are two of the most popular. They’re both easy to use, and result in a polished, fun-to-read flipbook that you can share… Read more »

Flipsnack for Fashion Magazines

What Is FlipSnack?

FlipSnack is an online interactive flipbook maker. You can create a Flash flipbook by either uploading PDF and/or JPG files, or designing content from scratch with the built-in editor. The resulting book can be shared via link on FlipSnack.com or an embed code to place on your website or blog. In the past few years,… Read more »

FlipSnack Review: Create an interactive flipbook of your content

FlipSnack Review

In the search for the best online flipbook maker on the web, FlipSnack is one of the first websites you’ll come across. It’s one of the most widely used flipbook maker amongst magazine publishers, educators and content creators. FlipSnack is an app for creating embed-able, interactive flipbooks. It can be used to make online brochures,… Read more »

Easy ways to create a flipbook online

The Fast, Easy Guide To Creating A FlipBook Online

When you create a flipbook online, your publication can be viewed anywhere, anytime.  Stunning, highly visual content gets noticed, whether you’re promoting your business or moving your print publication to the next best thing. If you’re going big on a budget, online publishing is the most affordable way to put your business on the map…. Read more »